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William W. Powers State Recreation Area

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Site Characteristics

  • Huntable Acres: 459
  • Habitat: Open water of various depths due to previous land usages has created Wolf Lake. During times of turbulant conditions out on Lake Michigan, waterfowl frequently come inland, to Wolf Lake and other areas, to find shelter and food.
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Blind #18 and typical view of Wolf Lake
Geese feed on site year round
New Blind #20

Site-Specific Regulations

  • All statewide hunting regulations apply at site unless noted hereafter.
  • Use Hunt Planner to find hunting seasons open at this site.
  • This site require hunters to check in and to check out and to report hunting effort or harvest by 1 p.m. following their hunts.
  • Blind specifications given out during annual duck blind drawing (last Saturday of the last full weekend in July). See all general Waterfowl Regulations here.
  • Species-specific rules:


  • Archery
    • Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has been found in Cook County. All harvested deer should be tested for CWD. Further information regarding CWD, including sampling locations, may be found here. CWD SAMPLING:
      • A barrel is located within James Pate Philip State Park (at the IDNR Region 2 building in Bartlett) by the employee entrance. If it is outside of normal hours (or the biologist is not present), please deposit the upper few vertebrae and head in the barrel and fill out the necessary paperwork.
      • Feel free to call/email the District Wildlife Biologist to possibly schedule a sampling opportunity.
      • Alternatively, vendors for sampling can also be found here.
    • Two-week hunting periods will be filled through a mail-in drawing for Illinois Residents.
    • A fillable application is available online. Alternatively, William Powers State Recreational Park Visitors Center may have some paper copies.  Applications must sent to the District Wildlife Biologist (preferably by email) and be received by August 15th to be eligible for the drawing.
    • A mandatory meeting will be held annually for all successful applicants and drawn alternates. Applicants must attend the meeting and be present to accept the opportunity. Current year’s Illinois Hunting License and Habitat stamp must be brought to the meeting. Archery deer tag(s) will need to be purchased prior to hunting (per statewide regulations).
    • Each archery hunter will be assigned a specific hunting period. All hunters must be able to show proof of a current Illinois hunting license, archery deer permits, and site-issued deer hunting permit upon request during their hunt.
    • Successful applicants will be given a Site Windshield Card/Hunter Harvest Card at the mandatory meeting. This card must be visible through the vehicle windshield while hunting.
    • Hunters must maintain accurate records of each hunt. The Hunter Harvest Card (back of Windshield Card) provided and must be returned to the District Wildlife Biologist by February 1. Failure to submit report will result in the loss of eligibility for future hunts.
    • Stands/blinds and gut piles must be a minimum of 75 yards from designated trails.
    • Hunters may leave stands unattended, but stands must be marked with the owner’s name, address, and telephone number.
      • Stands/blinds may be setup on the first day of assigned hunting period by each hunter and may remain the entire assigned period.
      • Stands must be removed on the last day assigned to each hunter.
    • Spectators are not allowed in the area unless assisting or mentoring the hunter (the assigned hunter is the legal hunter).


  • Turkey hunting not permitted.


  • 2022 Waterfowl Hunting Procedures:
    • The site will maintain a check-in site at the 130th Ave. entrance (South Gate, Ranger Station), starting at 5am.
    • Site Technicians will assist in first-come, first-serve fashion. There will continue to be a 2 line formation: One line for blind builders claiming their blind, and a second line for all others (standby hunters as well as those blind builders who would like to hunt out of a blind that is not their own).
    • Please be respectful when dealing with DNR representatives and wear a mask if you are feeling ill.
    • Those hunters who own blinds must continue to check-in (within their vehicles) at the check-in line at least one hour prior to shooting time each day. A lane/cone will be indicated for Blind Builders at entrance.
    • Those who do not own blinds will be allowed to check into an available blind after all blind builders have checked-in with the Site Technicians checking-in on first-come, first-served basis (NO LOTTERY). Please pull to the “Standby” lane/cone indicated at the entrance.
    • Legal hunting limited to Wednesday through Sunday from half hour prior to sunrise through 1pm.
    • Hunters must deposit harvest cards into the “Harvest Cards” box below the mailbox located at the Visitor’s Center near Smokey the Bear, EVEN IF no waterfowl were harvested, by 2pm. The biologist needs this information!
  • The site is closed to waterfowl hunting on Mondays & Tuesdays.
  • All hunters must sign-in and acquire a daily harvest report card prior to hunting and sign out by returning their issued harvest card at the end of each day’s hunt.
  • Registered blind builders or partners desiring to claim their blind site must report to the check station at least one hour before legal shooting time each day and occupy their blind within 30 minutes prior to legal opening time.
  • Sites left unclaimed on any given day will be assigned to present remaining hunters for that day. Blind sites not legally occupied by hunters by 30 minutes prior to legal opening time may be claimed on a first-come basis by checking in.
  • Hunters wishing to move to another blind during their daily hunt must report back to the check station for reassignment.
  • No person shall hunt, or attempt to hunt, waterfowl and coots, except from within a registered blind site. Due to sudden drop-offs in subaquatic terrain, a boat or dog is required as a retrieval system.
  • Goose hunting is prohibited prior to duck season.
  • Youth hunts authorized by US Fish and Wildlife Service are permitted.


  • Rabbit/Squirrel hunting not permitted.

Upland Birds

  • Upland bird hunting not permitted.


  • Furbearer hunting and trapping not permitted.