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Oakford State Habitat Area

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Site Characteristics

  • Huntable acres: 115
  • Habitat: This site reveals the efforts at prairie restoration in which a relatively flat abandoned cropland has been planted to native grasses. There is a narrow band of timber along the Sangamon River and some willow growth in the old oxbow portions of the field. Active habitat management will be occurring throughout the year on the site.

Site Specific Regulations

  • All statewide hunting regulations apply at site unless noted hereafter.
  • Use Hunt Planner to find hunting seasons open at this site.
  • Site requires use of windshield card, displayed on vehicle dashboard, to report hunting effort and harvest by 15 February.
  • Hunters must remove tree stands and ground blinds from the area at the end of the day’s hunt.
  • Species-specific rules:


  • Archery
    • Statewide regulations apply.
  • Firearm
    • Statewide regulations apply.


  • Spring
    • Statewide regulations apply.
  • Fall
    • Archery only
    • Not open during regular firearm deer seasons


  • Statewide regulations apply.
    • Hunting hours end at sunset


  • Squirrels
    • Statewide regulations apply.
    • .22 caliber or smaller rimfire or muzzleloading black powder rifles permitted
  • Rabbits
    • Statewide regulations apply.

Upland Birds

  • Pheasant/Quail/Dove
    • Statewide regulations apply.


  • Hunting
    • Statewide regulations apply.
    • Rimfire rifles .22 caliber and smaller may be used from sunset to sunrise.
    • Furbearer hunting closed during Firearm Deer Season
      • Hunters with a valid, unfilled firearm deer permit for the hunt area may take coyotes during legal hours of the firearm deer season. Otherwise, the use of shotgun slugs to take furbearing mammals is prohibited on state sites.
    • Coyote and striped skunk season coincides with the statewide fox season.
  • Furbearer trapping not permitted.


  • None