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Donnelley State Fish and Wildlife Area

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Site Characteristics

  • Huntable acres: 676
  • Habitat: Hunting takes place at Coleman Lake, where the surroundings are wooded bluffs, marshland, the Hennepin Canal trail area, and bottomland woods

Site Specific Regulations

  • All statewide hunting regulations apply at site unless noted hereafter.
  • Use Hunt Planner to find hunting seasons open at this site
  • No outboard motors are allowed by the public. Only authorized IDNR personnel may use outboard motors
  • Severe weather and safety conditions may result in closing all or part of the site
  • Persons must not enter the waterfowl refuge unless given permission from an authorized IDNR representative
  • Species-specific rules:


  • Deer hunting not permitted


  • Turkey hunting not permitted


  • Waterfowl hunting at the site observes the North Zone waterfowl season, but hunting is prohibited on Tuesdays and Wednesdays except on opening day
  • No teal or goose seasons exists outside of the regular statewide duck season
  • Youth waterfowl
    • First weekend and the third Saturday of the regular duck season. There is no charge for youth on these days
    • Those blinds not allocated to youth hunting parties shall be available to adults on those days during the regular duck season
    • Hunters under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult
    • For youth hunt, blind capacity is no more than 2 youths age 15 and under
  • Hunting hours are the legal opening time until 1 pm
  • Waterfowl hunting is conducted from designated blinds which have been built by site personnel
  • Blinds are allocated daily, one hour prior to shooting time at the check station via a random draw
    • All hunters must report to the check station for blind assignments
    • A $10.00 daily usage stamp must be purchased to hunt this area
  • No more than 3 people shall occupy a blind at any one time
  • Refilling or changing blinds is not permitted
  • Waterfowl hunting parties must hunt over a minimum of 6 decoys. A maximum of 48 decoys may be used. Decoys must be removed upon termination of the hunt.
  • Hunting parties are required to report to the check station within 1 hour after termination of the hunt or no later than 2 pm
  • While attempting to take migratory waterfowl or coots, hunters must not have in possession any shotgun shells not approved as non-toxic by federal regulations.
  • Hunters must not possess any shotgun shell loaded with a shot size larger than T or BBB composed of steel other kinds of non-toxic shot


  • Squirrels
    • Squirrel hunting not permitted
  • Rabbits
    • Rabbit hunting not permitted

Upland Birds

  • Upland bird hunting not permitted


  • Trapping
    • Furbearer trapping not permitted
  • Hunting
    • Furbearer hunting not permitted